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UAE Emabssy Legalization for Personal Documents

If you live in the UAE or plan to move there for work, you might need to attest your American documents. This multi-step process ensures your documents are legally recognized in the UAE for visa or business purposes. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on your journey or business ventures.

Your documents will undergo multiple levels of verification through state and federal agencies to ensure their authenticity. Ultimately, they will be approved by the UAE Embassy, making them legally recognized for use in the UAE.

Below are the steps involved in the attestation process:

  1. State-Level Verification: The appropriate state agency will verify your document first.
  2. Federal-Level Verification: Following state verification, your document will be authenticated at the federal level (the U.S. Department of State) 
  3. UAE Embassy Approval: Finally, the UAE Embassy will review and approve your document, granting it legal recognition.


By allowing us to manage this intricate process, you can focus on your exciting new journey or business endeavors in the UAE.

  • For academic documents the U.A.E embassy accepts original diploma or photocopy of your dipoma.
    • If you prefer not to use your original diploma, you can make a photocopy and have it properly notarized in your current state, or you can contact your school registrar’s office and request the document to be sent to us for further authentication. Most academic documents can be notarized in any state, regardless of their state of origin.


  • For vital records, all documents must be original and issued by the state.
    • If you don’t have the originals, let us know. We can assist in retrieving them or obtaining new ones for you.
    • Some vital records require recent issuance dates to receive state certification, so ordering a new one may be necessary.


  •  Embassy Fee: 

    • Personal and Educational Documents $40.82 per document.
  1. Secretary of State Certification: ~ 1-2 weeks at the state level. Depending on the state’s workload, it can take 3-4 weeks.
  2. Authentication by the U.S. Department of State: 2-4 weeks is the estimated turnaround time. 
  3.  UAE Embassy Legalization: 5-7 days.


The entire attestation process typically takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the document type.



Documents that you can legalize at the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Personal Documents
  • Birth and Marriage Certificates: For residence visas and legal affairs, certified copies are required.
  • Divorce Certificates: Certified copies are needed For legal recognition of divorce in the UAE.
  • Death Certificates: Certified copies are required for estate settlement and other legal processes.
  • Notarized State Police Clearance Certificates: Necessary for employment and residency visa applications.
Educational Documents
  • Diplomas and Degrees: copy or original, needed for an employment visa.
  • Transcripts: Notarized official academic records required a work visa.
U.S Department of State Authentication Certificate with the U.A.E Embassy Legalization Stamp

UAE Embassy Document Authentication Rate

$ 395 / per document
  • State Certification
  • Federal Authentication
  • Embassy Legalization

The embassy fee and return shipping are not included in the price