Elite Documents

Conveniently located in Washington D.C. to handle you local and international Apostilles, and Legalization Documents


Apostille for U.S Based Documents to be used Internationally

Elite Documents is an authentication service dedicated to helping our clients properly legalize their personal or business paperwork for international use in the fastest time possible. Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, our company specializes in US Department of State authentication and apostille, Secretary of State certification, Embassy legalization, and visa processing. Our team has extensive experience handling all types of document legalization, which enables us to provide the most affordable, time-saving solutions to our clients.  We know how important and time-sensitive these documents are to our clients. That is why Elite Documents treats each document we receive with the utmost care and personal attention. We strive to achieve the highest level of customer service and maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

Our Process is Simple

1. Scan Your Docs and Email it to us

Email us your documents to ensure that you have the needed documents, so that you could mail us your documents to initiate the process.

2. Mail-in Your Documents

Once you’ve been given the ‘OK’ from us, send us us your physical documents to begin the process.

3. We Act on Your Behalf

To protect your documents and expedite the process, we will physically deliver your documents in person to responsible authorities in Washington D.C.

4. We Mail it Back to You

Once we receive your documents back from the authorities, check if more notarizations are needed, and ship it to you using expedited mail

Services We Offer


Getting a Job Overseas? We understand

  • Federal Apostille

  • Embassy / Consulate Lgalization
  • More Services