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Embassy or Consular legalization is a method of authenticating a document for use in another country not part of the Hague Convention. This document is taken to the Embassy or Consulate for the Embassy Stamp/Seal and or Signature of the Consul.

All documents issued by the State and or notarized documents first require:
  1. Secretary of State Certification (Takes about 2-10 business days to be certified)
  2. Authentication by the US Department of State (Takes an estimated 3-4 business days)
  3. Embassy legalization (Takes an estimated 5-10 business days)
All documents issued by a federal entity requires:
  1. U.S Department of State Authentication (Takes an estimated 3-4 business days)
  2. Embassy Legalization (Takes an estimated 5-10 business days)
Elite Documents Services can physically present your FBI background check to the US Department of State, making the process faster and more secure.  Currently the US Department of State Apostille service is taking an average of 3-4 business days for your FBI background check to be Apostilled. 
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Documents that can receive Embassy / Consulate Legalization nclude, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Documents*

    • Academic certificates
    • Diplomas/degrees
    • Transcripts
    • School Verification Letters

    *All higher educational documents must be issued from regionally accredited US colleges or universities.
    ** All Embassies/Countries have different requirements for document legalization.

    Personal Documents

    • Birth/Death Certificates
    • Marriage/Divorce Certificates
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • Local Police Clearance Certificate
    • Pension/Retirement Documents
    • Personal Power of Attorney
    • Certified Translations
    • Copy of Passports
    • Copy of Driver License
  • Business, Corporate & Legal Documents

    • General Power of Attorney
    • Resolution
    • Distribution/Agency Agreement
    • Articles of Incorporation/Registration
    • Appointment/Distributor
    • Authorization of Agent
    • Assignment
    • Board Resolution
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • By Laws
    • US Patent Application
    • Trademark Application
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • Free Sale Certificate/EP
    • Price List
    • Financial Statement

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