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How to Retrieve and Apostille a State of California 

 DOJ Criminal Background Check 

Navigating the process of retrieving a California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) criminal report for apostille can be intricate. This guide breaks down each step to ensure you obtain the necessary documentation correctly and efficiently.

Step 1: Submit Request Form and Fingerprints Begin by visiting the CA DOJ Criminal Record Division. Here, you will find the request form and instructions for fingerprinting. Complete the form meticulously and follow the provided fingerprinting guidelines. Once completed, send your form and fingerprints to the DOJ for processing.

Step 2: Transcript Retrieval After submission, anticipate a waiting period of approximately 2-3 weeks to receive your criminal record transcript. It’s important to note that this initial transcript is not eligible for apostille. You will need to request a certified letter for the apostille process.

Step 3: Certified Letter by Anthony Molina Upon receipt of your transcript, contact the CA DOJ via email at vi**************@do*.gov to request a certified, signed letter from Anthony Molina. Allow another 2-3 weeks for this certified letter to be processed and mailed to you. This document is essential as it is the version that can be apostilled.

Step 4: Secretary of State Apostille Process Once you have the certified letter, the final step involves having it apostilled by the California Secretary of State. To facilitate this, mail us original certified letter to our office, and we will handle the apostille service for you.

By following these steps, you ensure a smooth process in obtaining and apostilling your CA DOJ criminal report, making it valid for international use. 



What if I am alreay abroad? 

Obtaining and apostilling a California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) criminal report from abroad involves a few extra steps. Follow above guide,  First, visit the CA DOJ Criminal Record Division to download the request form and get fingerprinted at a U.S. embassy or authorized service.

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